How do I know the person will meet me?

Similar to dating platforms, you can't be certain whether the person will really come and meet you. Sometimes you might have to try your luck again!

Can I use Vexl without a phone on a PC?

No. Vexl is intended to be a mobile app accessible via Android and iOS devices. You also need a phone number to access Vexl.

Does Vexl have fees? How does Vexl make money?

Vexl is currently for free. You don't pay to participate in the network nor do we monetize your data in any way.

The fees you see in the app are the fees set up by your counterparty - we have no influence over these fees and we don't take any cut from the trades. We can't even say if some trades ever happened :)

Is Vexl Open Source?

Yes! Check it out on GitHub.

How can I contribute to Vexl?

Spread the word

Vexl is a one of a kind project - we would like to test our efforts with as many people as possible. We rely on you to explain the benefits of our platform. Don't let your friends buy Bitcoin on centralized exchanges!

Provide feedback.

Vexl is and always will be anonymous and peer to peer in nature. We have no way to analyze our customer's behavior. Let us know what you love and where we can improve at support@vexl.it.

Contribute code.

Do you have Android or iOS development experience and you see a space for improvement? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Contribute (sound) money.

Vexl is currently for free - brought to you with love from SatoshiLabs. You can help us keep it growing by sending us some Bitcoin. Your money will help us finance the operations of an app that tries to protect your (continuously more and more marginalized) right to transact. Here you can donate to support this mission.

Who is behind Vexl?

Vexl is a private limited company founded under the umbrella of SatoshiLabs.