Privacy and Security

Are there any privacy compromises?

App Stores

If you use Vexl on your Android or iOS phone, Google or Apple might store information about how you use the app using the telemetry features which are built into their operating systems.

They can record when the app is closed, opened, how long you use it for, crash logs, and your device model. This usage information could also be linked with your Google or Apple account. Unfortunately this is a limitation of mobile operating systems, and applies to all apps used on your device. It’s worth reading Apple or Google’s privacy policies. If you’re using iOS, check out Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines. For Android, read the User Data section of Google’s Developer Policy Center.

Vexl Website

The Vexl website never attempts to link your usage of the website to your real identity or create a user profile based on your activity.

We don’t want to collect or store any of your information that isn’t strictly necessary, so all information is deleted within 6 months of being collected. All the data we do collect is to help improve the website, and anything older than this is unlikely to be useful, so it’s better for both of us if it is deleted.

The Vexl website stores some limited data to make sure it is easy-to-use and fast-to-load.

We use Cloudflare services in order to serve the Vexl website. Cloudflare keeps logs about HTTP requests for the Vexl domains, which can be stored for up to 7 days.

Is my IP address being revealed when I use Vexl? To whom?

If you do not use a VPN, Tor,  or another anonymizing method, your IP address will be shared with the Vexl servers. However, these IP addresses are not stored long-term.

What do I do if my phone is lost or stolen?

You simply register again as you did the very first time. Then you upload your contact list and there you go - you are back on Vexl!

Do people in my contacts list know I’ve shared my contacts with Vexl?

Vexl cannot contact anyone in your contact list in any way.

How do push notifications work on mobile platforms?

Push notifications on mobile platforms use Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). You can read more about the Privacy and Security of FCM here.

Will other users be able to see my phone number?

The users won't be able to see your phone number until you decide to reveal it to them.

What if upon revealing my identity the contact disappears?

The process of revealing your identity happens symmetrically - even if the other contact disappears, you will be still able to see his nickname, avatar, phone number and common friends.

Can I use Vexl without a phone number?

Vexl cannot currently be used without a valid phone number. This is done for several reasons. First, we want to keep bots off the platform. Second, we use these numbers to build a social graph of users, which would otherwise be a very lengthy and tedious process. However, Vexl has no way of linking the phone numbers to individual offers and if you are extra cautious, you can freely use any anonymous SIM card.

Where are my messages being stored?

Your messages are stored on Vexl servers, but only in encrypted form and for a very limited time.

How can I contact Vexl support if one of my trades has gone wrong?

The only way how to mitigate a malicious actor is to disconnect them from your social network forever - you can block them in the chat. They will never be able to contact you, your contacts and contact of their contacts ever again.

You can contact us via, nevertheless, there is no way for us to help you with your trade - we can't even say if the trade happened or not.

How do I block a user?

You can use a Block button in the chat window. This action is irreversible.

What happens if I block a user?

The user you block will not be able to contact you regarding your trade anymore.

How can I delete my account and all data?

We don't have a traditional model of user accounts. We don't want to store any unnecessary data about you - that's why you just validate as an existing phone number and you can immediately join the platform.

Simply delete your account via the app. Everything will be lost forever - no trace left.

How can I backup my account?

You can't. Once you log out of the platform, you can't access your offers, contacts, nor messages again. We strongly advise against keeping any valuable information on Vexl - the app was designed as a platform for connecting you to a counterparty in a secure way - not for storing your secrets.

Has Vexl had a security Audit?

Yes! You can see the result of an independent audit here.

What if I find a security vulnerability?

If you've found a security vulnerability in Vexl, please report it via email to