How do I join a trading group?

Did you get a group activation code? If so, click the profile icon in the bottom right of the Vexl app and navigate to groups. Touch + Join new group and scan the group QR code or enter the activation code manually. That's it! You're in! You will start to see offers from the group appearing in the marketplace.

How can I find a Vexl group?

The best way to find a group is to ask around! Maybe you are attending a local bitcoin meetup or a conference? Keep an eye out for groups popping up in your community soon.

How can I share the group with others?

Groups are exclusive and by invitation only, you will need to scan a QR code or enter the activation code manually to join a group.

Can anyone join a group?

Anyone who scans the QR code or enters the activation code can join the group, which means you are able to trade with users which with you share no common friends. We recommend meeting for these types of trades in person just to be sure.

Can I rejoin a group if I leave?

Of course! Follow the same steps you took when you originally joined the group. Scan the QR code again or enter the activation code manually to rejoin the group.

Can I hide group offers?

You can use the filter if you wish to hide group offers. You can filter offers according to your needs. Therefore, if you wish to hide offers from the group use the filter and make sure the group is not selected.

Can I create my own group?

Currently only exclusive Chaincamp groups are available, but we are working hard to bring you more opportunities to meet more Vexl users so stay tuned for updates and news about more groups coming soon!